Getting started – Team and Planning

Meet the team:

  • Tsanka and Nasko – They are the two with the sunset as a background. They are programmers and have been for a big part of their lives. Everything software connected on the rover will be their doing and responsibility
  • Peter – He is the guy with the lightsaber. He is a 12 grade student and has no prior experience with anything mechanical. He will do everything physical connected with the rover i.e. Putting it togetherLightsaber and hardware integration

Nasko and Tsanka







The first two weeks of the program are in the past. We are looking forward to receiving the parts needed to assemble the rover. What we can do now is make plans, research and watch videos.

Some simple decisions we have taken include:

  • Do not over-optimize from the beginning. Try to make things as simple as possible
  • Be careful not to burn out – work will come to us, sooner or later.
  • Make a sketch for the design document
  • Be realistic!

We  assigned roles to each member of our team. Let’s get started!


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